Custom Catios

What is a catio? It's a patio... for cats!  


Let Cook's Renovation give you a free estimate on a custom designed space for your pets.


A catio can be small or large, and can extend from a window, door, or cat door.  It benefits your pet by providing fresh air, sunshine, birdwatching and other activities while remaining safe from predators, traffic and other dangers. They can be home-made or custom designed to suit your outdoor space.


Catios have become increasingly popular in the past few years.  Safety is always the first concern when cat owners think about letting their indoor cat outdoor.  Outdoor cat enclosures are the perfect solution!  They can be simple or more elaborate, with cat trees, climbing shelves and kitty hammocks.


For those of you who are not do-it-yourselfers, Cook's Renovation can work with you to custom design and build the perfect catio for you and your pets, while keeping costs to a minumum.


These protected outdoor spaces have become so popular thant even celebrity cat advocate Jackson Galaxy has devoted a page of his website to outdoor enclosures, featuring photos of imaginative catios from across the country.


If you are interested in providing your kittehs with a fun, interesting and protected environment that you can share, contact us to discuss potential designs!


Cook's Renovation is proud to recommend PetSafe ® products!


This particular catio has extra wide ledges for the cats to sit on as well as a PetSafe Drinkwell ® fountain, which is a fabulous way to keep your pets healty and hydrated!


There is a large cat door (not pictured), also from PetSafe ®, in the kitchen door for easy access to and from the catio at any time.

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